About US

Based in Atlanta, GA, Centad is the USA’S leading Sharepoint solutions provider. Through world class Sharepoint implementation, training and consultancy, we make businesses cheaper to run, safer and more efficient. We allow your business to run smoothly with the most sophisticated, and yet easy to use platform available.

Our Team

Our team is made up of leading software developers, sharepoint consultants, web designers and infrastructure managers. In short, we deliver infrastructure solutions, tailor them to your unique requirements and stand by ready with full support to keep your running night and day. We also have the world’s leading app developers working for us to make custom built apps especially for your business.

Our Goal for Your Business

As an established IT services provider to companies across the USA, we aim to make your business simpler and smarter. Our end goal is make your operations integrated, simple and easy to manage. We want to give you time to plan for growth, instead of always reacting to IT infrastructure issues. We want to give you the infrastructure that allows your company to grow and allows you to harness new opportunities. Our clients all benefit from one thing: a smarter way of working that allows them to look towards the future.

World Class Sharepoint Services

We deliver a range of world class services that allow businesses to be better. We offer expert Sharepoint implementation. We set your company up with Sharepoint to get your teams collaborating through a shared portal. We give you easy content management and automated processes to remove manual inputting. We give you security and the ability to adapt your very own infrastructure to your exact needs.

We also deliver Sharepoint training. We show you and your staff how to get the most of your platform for your particular company. We deliver introductory classes for employees and advanced classes for IT administrators. We share valuable insight into how to resolve server and client side issues. We enable business all over the USA to effectively manage their own Sharepoint platform in the way that that best suits them.

Not only that, we deliver flexible support packages. We offer helpdesk support, whereby we have team ready to take your calls at anytime. We deliver full onsite packages, where our experts work with your staff to resolve and all issues that arise. From minor issues to major problems, we will be there to keep your business running 24/7.​