Support Center

SharePoint has more arms than an octopus. It touches everything. Centad allows you to manage your business and we will handle the octopus.

This is why organizations come to Centad for Microsoft SharePoint Support. We are your extended SharePoint Department that manages SharePoint most tedious requests to the well planned Automated Business Process.

Some of the most common issues we see organizations needing help with are:

• Granting Permissions to End Users
• Setting up and deploying SharePoint to make it scalable
• Providing end user training to make them self-sufficient.
• SharePoint Development – designing modern pages, customizing SharePoint List, or working with content types.

The most common support issues we’re called in for are:

• Site design & branding
• O365/On Premise architecture layout and configuration
• Creating custom WebParts, dashboards and Business Intelligence
• Implementing workflow automation and custom applications deployed through SharePoint



✓ Proactively maintain health & functionality of environment
✓ Avoid governance violations
✓ Keep up to date on all systems & patches
✓ Avoid security threats & breaches
✓ Gain valuable reporting
✓ Never worry about storage space or permissions
✓ Allow your team to focus on the business
✓ Work with team that has decades of experience